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- for tweets relating to music making


- for tweets relating to instrument making, 3D printing and more

On the web :


If you're interested in reading in more depth about the instruments I'm developing, or in purchasing those that are ready to play, such as the Qwistle, and the Lindsay System Chanter, then you can try visiting Lindstruments (my instrument workshop) at ;

If you'd like to know more about the Glasgow Smallpipers, community folk orchestra, social club and rallying point for Smallpipe enthusiasts try here :

Some Friends Pages :

Graham Muir

Zexuan Qiao

Richard Youngs


Alasdair Roberts

Matthew Welch

John Purser

Malin Lewis

Shane Connolly

Ashley Holland

Matt Seattle

KL Fortson

Govanhill Voices

Neil McDermott

Cabar Feidh Bagpipe Supplies

Nigel Richard


Konrad Wiszniewski


Howie Reeve


The Glad Cafe


The Lowland & Border Pipers Society

Julian Goodacre


The College of Piping

The Saint Francis Pipe Band


The Kelvingrove Dancers

The Audio Lounge


La Bodega


SWAMP Glasgow


The Village Storytelling Centre

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