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Piping Today "Lindsay System" Series & Related Articles :

From Dec 2017 to April 2020, the Piping Today Magazine (one of the leading magazines of the worldwide piping community) ran a series of features on the Lindsay System project. Most of these informative and visually beautiful articles were written by Dr Elizabeth Ford, with Photography provided by Piping Today Features Manager John Slavin (who was also the instigator of the series). These provide an introduction to the project, and to some of the key characters engaged in it, culminating in the release of the workshop plans themselves in the centre pages of issue 97.


The final three articles were written by Donald WG Lindsay,  two "Ascension Method" articles, and the final single page article in issue 101 which deals with the release in April 2020 of a home 3D printable version of the chanter, in the form of an open source file set entitled LSC_PRINT&PLAY (now hosted on and available for free download).

Issue 89 "New Innovation in Pipe Chanters"


Issue 95 "New Additions to a Collection and Tradition"


Issue 96 "Malin Makes Music"


Issue 97 "Open Source Plans Released for the Lindsay System Chanter"


Issue 99 "Zexuan Explores One of Piping's Hidden Gems"


Issue 99 "Ascension Method : Part One"


Issue 100 "Ascension Method : Part Two"


Issue 101 "...3D Print Your Own Lindsay System Chanter"

Press :

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