"This is Not a Lament"  

Richard Youngs - Fourth Dimension Records 2017

- Had a great time making this with Richard & Alasdair Roberts, recorded at the Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow, using my Dad's ancient Highland drones, a Sinclair chanter & the Lindsay System Swan (the opto-electro-acoustic smallpipe chanter I built last year). Ali & me can be heard on track 1 "Kinning Park", and track 5 "Bridge of Allan".

"Guidwife, Count the Lawin"

Donald WG Lindsay - Barnbeth Records 2017

- I've loved this Rabbie Burns song ever since I heard Alistair Hulett's version, which he recorded for the Linn Records Burns series. This recording has been released electronically, and can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more - check your preferred service (search "Donald WG Lindsay"), and is intended as a taster for an album of traditional and original songs that I'm preparing to record.

I Carry the Dead in My Hand

Various Artists - Monorail 2017

- I was very touched to be asked to contribute to this limited edition CD, curated by Alasdair for Glasgow's Monorail as a companion to Alasdair's album "Pangs".

The Seeds of Life

Kirsty Potts - Kirsty Potts 2015

- Kirsty's excellent album has the added distinction of being the first commercially released recording, and first professional studio recording of any kind, to feature the Lindsay System Chanter (see www.lindstruments.com). The chanter features prominently throughout track 4 "The Cuckoo's Nest"

Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts - Drag City 2015

- The parts Alasdair was looking for on whistle for this album weren't ideally suited to the range of the instrument. This provoked the development of the "Hurricane Brown" eight-hole Qwistle in the key of E.

A Wonder Working Stone

Alasdair Roberts & Friends - Drag City 2013

- I popped in to help Alasdair & co with a rousing arrangement of Peter McLeod's classic 2/4 March "The Conundrum".This would be the last thing I recorded using traditional Scottish Smallpipes in the key of "A", although nobody could have known that at the time!

Soundtrack to film : Burke & Hare

Joby Talbot  - Ealing Studios / John Landis 2011

- An adventure in London with Alasdair & the young maestro Alistair Caplin.

Love, Loss & Liberty (The Songs of Alistair Hulett)

Various Artists, 2011

- It was an honour to be able to contribute along with Alasdair, to a CD in memory of the late Alistair Hulett. Alastair's singing and politics made a deep and lasting impression on both of us.

Joy to the Person of My Love / False Astronomy

Alasdair Roberts - Rif Mountain 2010

- This project of Alasdair's arrived at an interesting time, during which my then-eight-year-old son Ryall & me had been stargazing and planet-hunting intensively amongst the dark skies of the sma glen, north of Crieff. On hearing that I was recording a song called "false astronomy", Ryall produced two paintings he titled "The Night Sky" and "The End of the Night Sky", which Alasdair liked and decided to use for the label art and record sleeve respectively.

Too Long in this Condition

Alasdair Roberts - Drag City 2010

- Bit of piping here. I can't actually remember doing this.

The Power & The Passion

Caledon - REL Records 2005

- An album of powerful orchestral/operatic arrangements of some favourite old Scots songs. I thoroughly enjoyed playing for this!

The Night is Advancing

Appendix Out - Drag City 2001

- Alasdair's band from the early days, and one of the few outings I've made using a beautiful Hungarian duda (bagpipe) by Horvath Zoltan. The duda was a gift from Peter Jeager, a Hungarian academic & friend of my father. It's currently on loan to The College of Piping museum.


Travels in Constants Vol. 13

Appendix Out - Temporary Residence 2001

- I was involved in "Ritual Ingestion of a Yellow Rhizome", a smallpipes & loops experiment that Alasdair concocted.

To the Drum of the Sea

Donald Lindsay - REL Records 2003

- A collection of music written by my uncle, the late Rev Alex Muir (Canisbay & Keiss/Clachan a Luib). Played mostly on Scottish smallpipes, accompanied by producer Keith Easdale on cittern & whistle, and Celine Donoghue on fiddle. Recorded at The Practice Pad (now the Audio Lounge) by Stuart Glasgow during 2002.

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